HIV/AIDS Awareness Pricing

In all likelihood, you will need to enroll in an HIV course on the initial recommendation of a judge, court, employer, state, or other organization in the United States. Very often, the institution that requires you to go through such AIDS training indicates its specific requirements regarding the name and duration of the training. We always recommend our clients to strictly follow these requirements and to register for HIV courses with a duration equal to or longer than explicitly stated. Otherwise, your judge or employer may not accept the certificate.

As we aim to meet your highest requirements, we offer a wide range of HIV/AIDS prevention training of varying duration. Our classes range from 1 to 16 hours and can be completed entirely online without the need to attend physical classes.

In addition, all our programs have the lowest price guarantee. The courses offered by AIDSAwarenessClass start at $14.99 and are suitable for both students and employees.

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