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AIDSAwarenessClass provides you with access to completely online HIV/AIDS awareness classes with duration from 1 up to 16 hours. Please note that our HIV course has strictly educational purposes and should not be considered legal or medical advice. Our AIDS training is written by a licensed specialist who possesses a certification in infectious diseases. Furthermore, our HIV training courses are accepted by courts, judges, employers and other entities which require them.

Also, this program’s content is developed in accordance with the OSHA, continuing professional education (CPE) and continuing professional development (CPD) standards.

In addition, our instructor has a number of qualifications and certificates. He is certified anger management specialist (CAMS-I), certified domestic violence specialist (CDVS-I), certified shoplifting and theft awareness specialist (CSTAS) and a parenting instructor. What is more, he is a member of a couple of authority institutions within the United States such as The National Anger Management Association (NAMA), The National Association of Shoplifting and Theft Prevention Specialists (NASTAS) and The National Parent Instructor Association (NATPIA).

Finally, please feel free to contact us in case you need any further assistance with this HIV/AIDS awareness class or you have additional questions.

You can check out our contact us page.

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